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Jerry Paper is the eleven-dimensional entity that is channeled by three-dimensional body Lucas W. Nathan. Lucas is a busboy in New York City. He was born in California in 1990.
Jerry Paper’s Big Pop For Chameleon World is a sonic riddle. Through both lyrics and specific timbral choices (a marked shift to digital synthesizer from Jerry’s earlier analog work), the album deals with themes of simulacra, an inter-dimensional infinite man existing in a finite world, the discomfort of existence in Body World, and love as the pinnacle of our time here. It is a continuation of Jerry’s ongoing attempt to ‘talk about’ the anti-logic of mystical experience through the ‘grammar’ of pop music, this time using album-form and timbre as a more central part of the  overall language of the work.

The album is broken up into two song suites, Clown, which includes tracks one through seven, and Body, which includes tracks eight through fourteen. These suites reflect the binary worlds that are accessible to three-dimensional human listeners as we navigate Chameleon World; that of The Great Clown Within/Without and that of Body. In short, Clown focuses on the infinite, Body on the finite.

Jerry is hesitant to explain too much so as to ruin the puzzle, but he hopes that through contemplation of these sounds and Direct Experience interacting with the album listeners will come at least one step closer to accessing one's inner-circus. It's time You met the Clown Within.




Big Pop For Chameleon World

1. Loading Screen
2. 3D Dream (World Mix)
3. Chameleon World
4. The Real Feel
5. Synthesized Mind
6. "Ow!"
7. All Clowns (The Joke)

8. Real. Now. Love.
9. So Funny
10. Clarity Shmarity
11. Just About Anything
12. See An Idiot
13. Love, Still Love
14. Too


Big Pop For Chameleon World out August 20th on Orange Milk Records








Photo by Grace Bush-Vineburg | Download in high res