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Regal Degal are proud to announce their sophomore album Not Now, out on May 18th (UK/EU) & May 19th (NA) on CD / LP / Tape / DL on Terrible Records. 
This collection of songs serves as the most essential Regal Degal record yet. Not Now is a culmination of the myriad experiences that have shaped the Regal sound - a stint in Los Angeles where the band released their debut full-length Veritable Who's Who on No Age's PPM Records, a recent relocation to NYC and countless shows with the likes of Black Dice, Chk Chk Chk, The Clean, Panda Bear, DIIV, Real Estate and Grizzly Bear - the latter of which turned out to be most fruitful for the band.

Produced in tandem with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, and recorded in both Berlin and New York at the legendary Grizzly Bear church and Mexican Summer's Brooklyn studio, the band were able to truly capture the impact of their live show, while leaving space for Taylor's unique sense of space and dynamics.

Not Now toys with a dense array of sonic influences ranging from 60s psych pop, 70s glam and krautrock, 80s post-punk, 90s shoegaze, and a post-00s appreciation for a variety of electronic music (Italo disco, minimal synth, classic Chicago house) creating the album's vibrant and intricately woven fabric.

Track one "Delicious" takes the listener through its swaying dream-funk, decorated with a deliriously sweet bodega guitar lead that suggests a traditional melody of some forgotten old world celebration. After the first line drops -- "I hear a lonely cyborg sing a techno lullaby" - a melancholy cityscape begins to unfold.

Such is the terrain of Not Now -- bustling, vast, worldly, at once familiar and alien. "Ruining My Life" picks up where "Delicious" leaves off (literally, the first word of the song is "Delicious"). Its jangling 12-string guitar infuses an ecstasy-fuelled drum machine-driven hoedown, with a shimmering Johnny Marr-esque appreciation of precious melodic prowess.

Fun guitar riffs aside, Regal steps up the vocal game significantly this time around. From the tense Eno-esque strut of "Wide Awake" to the playfully devastating drama of "Pyramid Bricks",Not Now is a suite of deep and ponderous rock songs that stem from a curious mix of romantic and rhythmic sensibilities. It occupies many spaces at once, simultaneously existing in dimensions of pure joy, dire depression, and everything in between.

The album title itself presents the idea of another time, or perhaps a denial of the present -- could this be an acknowledgment of infinite possibilities beyond our present-minded daily routines, or maybe just an escape in general? It's a statement to consider, especially when choosing "not now" is an option that anyone with a laptop or a smartphone is confronted with on a daily basis. Maybe now is not the time to be doing whatever you're doing, but instead a good time to entertain a new idea, a new sound, a new record by a band new enough to keep people on their toes but seasoned enough to make it worth their time and energy. 




Not Now (2015)

1. Delicious
2. Ruining My Life
3. Wide Awake
4. Pyramid Bricks
5. Defense
6. Girl with The Teeth
7. Deal Of A Lifetime
8. Sit Like A Chair
9. Oppressive Living
10. Flavor


Not Now is out May 19th on LP, CD, cassette tape and worldwide digital via Terrible Records.











Photo by Yulia Zinshtein Illustration by Drew Heffron | Download in high res