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This fall sees the release of Sean Nicholas Savage’s latest record, Other Death. Savage, a master of tenderness, reflection and projection, has released and toured relentlessly in pursuit of the rarer beauties found only in the nuance of pop song and performance. 

Other Death was recorded over the winter in sunny Santa Monica, Los Angeles in collaboration with Agor, of Savage’s Arbutus labelmates Blue Hawaii, while Errhead of Doldrums plays on much of the record. Ramona Gonzalez Nite Jewel also makes an appearance, as do TOPS' Jane Penny and David Carriere. This is Savage’s highest fidelity recording to date, with daring, captivating, and as always minimal and soft production style. In contrast to his usual introspection, Other Deathis immediately more upbeat, uptempo, confident, inspired and delivers more consistent pop singles than any of his previous records.

Savage is not playing to the middle. Here he gives his listeners, those who crave a harder SNS smack, the energy they desire. This is the release fans will turn to when they want to feel the sophisticated, delicate, and enchanted music of Sean Nicholas Savage at its most brave, free and loud. It’s as if upon being tossed a copy ofOther Life, Savage reads the message; “Other Life?” and throws it back at us in blood red, “Other Death”.

His album Flamingo represented ’songs of love’, Savage sounding his most comfortable, at ease and self produced in his element. Conversely the record Other Life saw this comfort stripped, in the form of a ‘break up album’, with songs dealing with destruction and rebirth.

Subsequently Savage found himself disconnected and lost in his own work, touring and playing these memories over and over; the only direction left to go was down deeper, with his ‘dream album’ Bermuda Waterfall.

Other Life? Other Death?
I couldn’t resist the thoughtlessness.
This is the record with the least ideas,
with the least thought.
And so is it the worst record?
Or does that make it the best?
It’d have to be a bit of both, to be either i think.
And that’s life!
And that’s death too isn’t it? 

In death there is no fear, and the kind of indiscreetness Savage is going on about requires pure faith, a rare and powerful drug, easy to find, hard to swallow.

The record begins aptly with ‘Death’, a brief instrumental in the Joe Hisaishi vein. This is followed by ‘Propaganda’, a ballad in 7/4 timing and less political as the title suggests, with a more philosophical message comparable to Radioheads' ‘Creep'. 'Casablanca' is a Prince-esque pop tune, perhaps the poppiest on the record, with a seemingly simple sentiment: a short lived relationship that, though full of passion, is doomed by life. 'Dont B Sad', produced by David Carriere with guest vocals by Jane Penny of TOPS, is smooth and circular; a gentle pat on the necks of sad folk everywhere, with a disco beat. 'Suburban Nights' is one of Savage’s finest ballads to date, with a special new 6 time beat, fusing reggae, house and bossa nova rhythms. These lyrics, written from the perspective of an average day or night in suburbia, are almost Warhol like in its poetic simplicity. Other Death concludes with another bossa nova derived, and shamelessly sensitive, song titled ‘Young Again’. Epic with strings, and ending the record in a spiritually possessed skat, the principal lyric has Savage crooning “You make me feel like something i’m not; young again, Growing old again”. Describing life slipping away then sliding back, like a pair of lungs or an ocean shore breathing in and pulling out. Beat and pause. Night and day. Sound and silence. Thought and Bliss. Life and death.



Other Death (2015)
1. Death
2. Propaganda
3. Casablanca
4. Dont B Sad (prod. TOPS)
5. Promises
6. Romeo
7. 1 More Chance (feat. Nite Jewel)
8. Suburban Nights
9. Delta Fresh N Breezy
10. SOS
11. Why I Love U
12. Young Again

Other Death is out now on CD, vinyl and Worldwide Digital September 18th on Arbutus Records. Vinyl pre-orders come in blood red vinyl. Pre-order it here.



Bermuda Waterfall (2014)
1. Boogie Nights
2. Naturally
3. The Rat
4. Heartless
5. Empire
6. Hanging On
7. Bermuda Waterfall
8. Darkness
9. Hands Dance
10. Please Set Me Free
11. Vampire
12. Some Things Never Die

Bermuda Waterfall is out now vinyl, CD and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Other Life (2013)
1. She Looks Like You
2. Other Life
3. Lonely Woman
4. More Than I Love Myself
5. Like A Baby
6. You Changed Me
7. We Used To Live In A Dream
8. Bygone Summer
9. Change Your Mind
10. Look At Me
11. It’s Real
12. Chin Chin

Other Life is now available on vinyl, CD and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Flamingo (2011)
1. Days Go By
2. Come Back To Me
3. Chin Chin
4. You Changed Me
5. My Chances
6. Catch The Quick Fish
7. Only The Wind
8. Spotted Brown
9. Goodbye Rainbow
10. Wasted In The Snowstorm
11. She Was The One
12. Palo Palo
13. The Last Gas
14. Common Ground
15. Dracula
16. Pupil Of The Night

Flamingo is now available on limited edition cassette and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Won Ton Jaz (2011)
1. Whisperin
2. Sony My Only
3. True Love
4. UFO
5. Wasted Dream
6. Pink Sky
7. Peace Man
8. We’re cool
9. Midnight In Paris

Won Ton Jaz is now available on limited edition cassette and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Trippple Midnight Karma (2011)
1. Babe
2. Can’t Get My Mind Off You
3. Serious Eyes
4. Common Be Happy
5. Someone’s Got A Secret
6. Hawaiian Dancer
7. Getting To Know Myself
8. Common Get Off My Mind
9. Watching Me Fly
10. Took My Feeling For A Walk
11. The Natural Rhythm

Trippple Midnight Karma is now available limited edition cassette and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Movin Up In Society (2010)
A1. Gemini Heart
A2. Giant In The Sky
A3. Crazy People
A4. Movin On
A5. Rowdy River Of Love
A6. Paradise O Paradise
B1. Movin Up In Society
B2. A Golden Dream
B3. My Girl
B4. The Birds Nest Princess
B5. The Laughter Of Bad Men

Movin Up In Society is now available limited edition cassette and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.



Spread Free Like A Butterfly (2009)
1. Grandson
2. Dreamers Die Hard
3. Rain In My Brain
4. Autumn Comes To Town
5. Picturebook
6. Movie Star
7. Childhood
8. My Girl
9. Heart Wish
10. Kisses Like A Girl
11. Baby It’s You
12. Can’t Say That I Love Her

Spread Free Like A Butterfly is now available on vinyl (SOLD OUT) and worldwide digital via Arbutus Records.





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